April 6, 2019

We are delighted to share with you Master Zhao’s 80th birthday party on July 06, 2019. The party is not only to celebrate his 80th birthday but it also signifies his 30-year achievements in the US, and more importantly, Master Zhao will introduce his new generation of teaching lineage.

The event is organized by Mr. Stanlee R. Gatti, one of the best-known event planners in the U.S. Guests will enjoy the fine cuisine from McCalls Catering & Services while seeing top-notch performers including:

  • Garuda Blue Band sponsored by Class 2006
  • Stand-up Comedy sponsored by Three Musketeers of Class 2010
  • Classical Chinese Opera
  • Renowned Dance Troupe
  • and More 

All in the grand Rotunda and North Light Court of San Francisco City Hall.

Many guests have been asking how they can be more involved with this event and contribute to this wonderful evening. The best gift is to help us make this celebration truly memorable and special for Master Zhao and the MZI community by becoming a sponsor, please contact for more details.

Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors for making this event possible. We look forward to seeing you at the party.

p.s. In response to popular requests, the guest age limitation is now extended to 14 years old or older. The registration is close to the end. 


曾任舊金山藝術委員會會長、全美最知名的活動策劃人之一Stanlee R. Gatti先生擔綱此次的晚宴總策劃;與舊金山各大藝術館合作的頂級餐飲公司 McCalls Catering & Services 三十多年經驗的主廚與中西廚師團隊為賓客烹調當日晚膳;另有著名舞團、京劇、聲樂歌唱家、脫口秀等表演,結合舊金山市政廳宏偉的建築、絢麗的燈光、動聽的現場樂隊演出,為賓客提供一場中西合璧、傳統創新紛呈的頂級視聽饗宴,共同慶賀大師八十歲生辰。 





  • Garuda Blue Band - Class 2006
  • Stand-up Comedy - Three Musketeers of Class 2010

 p.s. 基於許多嘉賓要求,現放寬報名年齡限制至14歲以上,晚宴註冊已接近尾聲。

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This space is reserved for reminders on the celebration. Stay tuned! 

Everyone has to go through security scan at the door. Details of the size of bag allowed will be provided later. 

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